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Tourism Events

People: 350 Guests

At Athens Hall "The Photographer" you will find your own space for your special tourist nights.

Thirty years ago, the owner, who practiced his art as a photographer-photojournalist, created a private concierge space, attracting people and celebrities who knew good food, good service and excellent service.

Today, the "Photographer" Event Hall, expressing the timelessness of those times, now operates in a renewed and modern environment. Having at its helm the children of the Photographer, John and Anastasios, provides warm hospitality and tasteful dishes of high standards.

Athens Hall is in a privileged location, close to Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, the Peania Cave and the Vorres Museum, for you and your visitors to be easily served.

With a capacity of up to 350 people, 3 levels of amphitheater construction with a view, a spacious and fully air-conditioned room, the Travel Agents find in the Athens Hall the professionals who undertake to organize any kind of tourist evening with quality, experience and efficiency.

The specialized team of the Athens Hall will create with uniqueness and enthusiasm a special event, consistent with your own preferences. There is the possibility of presenting cultural greek events (cultural speech - seminar, traditional Greek music, traditional dances with traditional costumes, learning of traditional dances etc).

Our kitchen is manned by an experienced Executive Chef and is an internal installation of the Athens Hall, demonstrating our competitive advantage that makes the difference in your events.

An impressive array of delicious combinations is at your disposal and plenty of menu options, decoration and layout. Your personalized needs are always our priority for the best realization of your own tourist evening.

We also offer the following free of charge:

  • Experienced Waiters
  • Music scene & installation for musical and dancing performances
  • Reception area
  • Innovative application for online tourism night management
  • Exterior Parking & comfortable coach parking

We are waiting for you to meet and help us that your visitors have a wonderful remembrance !!!

T .: +30 6932453633 - +30 6975921631 - +30 2106645707
E .: | F: The 'Photographer'

For menu options you may click our suggestions below or contact us to offer you the best suitable solution for you Event !





"The Photographer" Event Hall has the following services:

  • Kitchen with experienced SEF
  • Waiters
  • Cellar
  • Air conditioning
  • Tables and chairs for 350 people
  • Music scene & installation
  • Reception area
  • Wardrobe
  • Exterior Parking
  • Catering facility

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