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Corporate receptions

Capacity: 350 people

With amphitheater arrangement on 3 levels!

Corporate receptions

Corporate receptions are usually a daily process for companies.

Our “The Photografos” Event Hall has everything you need for your corporate event. Special corner space with proper configuration for small corporate meetings as well as large space for bigger events is available.

Surely our great advantage is our kitchen, which modern equipment and its experienced SEF and Staff will amaze you in many ways.

Your needs are our priority in the best realization of your corporate reception.

Contact us and discuss with our consultancy and configuration department taking on account our long experience of implementing corporate receptions.

We are waiting to host your own corporate event giving you best comments from your guests !

“The Photographer” Event Hall has everything necessary for your corporate event (conference, seminar, lunch or meeting).


The Photographer” Event Hall has the following services:

  • Kitchen with experienced CHEF
  • Waiters
  • Cellar
  • Air conditioning
  • Tables and chairs for 350 people
  • Music scene & installation
  • Reception area
  • Exterior Parking
  • Catering facility
  • All audio-visual equipment for holding conferences, seminars or meetings
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