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Baptism receptions

Capacity: 350 people

With amphitheater arrangement on 3 levels!

Baptism reception

Preparing to have your child Baptized? Congratulations! I’m sure you’re planning a Baptism party, too. Don’t be anxious !

We will help you select best options for your child Baptism Event! Just follow our easy steps to host your baptism reception ! Realize what is meaningful for you, your guests and your children, taking in account that the purpose of the reception is to have fun with your children and friends together to celebrate your newly baptized child. Make the party as simple as you prefer. The most simple the more easier for you and your guests.

party ideas or tips:
  • Choosing our Venue and the feeling of the Reception: In our hall you will you have choices of meals or casual food prepared in our kitchen and from our experienced SEF’s. Personal preferences and family traditions are usually affect the way of the total Christening Event !
  • Prepare your Guest list: Decide who will be invited to the party and the event hall arrangement for your guests. Do not forget to ensure that your guest of honor is celebrated and that everyone feels welcome. Calculate the number of Guests with a 10% more percentage. Choose the menu of the party in order to satisfy children and guests. Your priority is children satisfaction ! It is always a nice gesture to invite the officiating clergy to the reception. He or she may not accept the invitation but the gesture will be appreciated nonetheless. Plan as Much as You Can Ahead of Time but let us help you to unload your workload !
  • You don’t want to be scrambling around trying to find the napkins or preparing the meal or adding finishing touches to the cake. The more you have set up ahead of time,the more you will be able to actually enjoy the reception and the company of your guests. Just discuss with us and share the workload ! This is the most times the best choice of action ! Give us some trusted persons (parents, cousins, ungles, godfather, friends, etc) to work with them ! Meals, Beverages are Important: Even if your budget is tight we are here to propose some cheap solutions or any other option ! Do not forget that we have our own cuisine and CHEF and in that way this is cheaper than a catering outside or Hall ! Not only will everyone be hungry when they return from the baptism, they will also be thirsty. We have a variety of drinks fofr anyone. If you know your guests prefer a certain beverage, ensure you have asked for that for the party menu.
  • Activities for the Children: After the meal, prepare the animator to be involved gradually with the children. It will help their parents relax and have a good time too. A photographer maybe is useful to arrange his presence to take some pictures on demand ! If you select an animator for children you do not have to think about having your own activities !
  • Choose a Reception Theme for decoration of the hall: It is important to decide on the theme and ask us to propose to you a best choice of plates, napkins, etc. It may be a good idea to search for ideas or color scheme before speaking with our experienced staff.

The Photographer” Event Hall has the following services:

  • Kitchen with experienced CHEF
  • Waiters
  • Cellar
  • Air conditioning
  • Tables and chairs for 350 people
  • Music scene & installation
  • Reception area
  • Exterior Parking
  • Catering facility

Audio-visual media is available from our venue and for occupancy needs to be agreed with you as well as the music band or selected DJ.

Our staff is of course at your disposal so that you can examine your available options as much as possible together and as christening organization consultants to help you in the best choice of every need for the complete completion of your child’s christening reception!

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